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About Edit Panda. 

For those who love reading. 

It all began in 2008 when I edited my first CS:GO game. I didn't know much at the time, and my edits were very lousy, but I was immediately fascinated by it deeply. I kept moving forward, and I never imagined I'd make a career out of it.

For me, it was a passion. To find aesthetic delight, I experimented with a variety of software, approaches, and a slew of imagination and creativity in what I do.

ith each passing day, my passion for video editing grew stronger, and now, in 2021, I've been doing it full-time for the past 9 years. During that time, I completed over 500 small and huge projects and edited thousands of hours of raw footage, which included promotional clips, numerous commercials, fashion videos, marketing material, Vlogs editing, animation, and, of course, YouTube videos.

What I learned during those years is that creating videos on a weekly or even daily basis for a business owner, marketing manager, or Youtube content creator can be immensely difficult and time-consuming. It requires not only certain skills but also a great deal of precise attention and focus.

Of course, a business owner, like many other categories, has much more to do than to sit before his laptop and create videos for his products. Right?

Even if you have ideas or a script, there are still a lot to accomplish until your video is finished and ready to submit, and one of the most important things is Editing.

As a result, me and my partner Gedas decided to launch "Edit Panda" and assemble a team of highly skilled and qualified experts in the field of video editing in order to take my editing skills to the next level and share them with you


Our goal is to assist you to focus your valuable time away from laborious editing tasks and toward more fun activities like coming up with new ideas and shooting more content that you've always wanted but couldn't find the time to do. So don't spend any more time editing and join Pandas today!

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