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Why Snapchat?


Snapchat is dominant social media platform among Gen Z and Millenials.


Main statistic about Snapchat:

Main Snapchat audience Gen Z's

  • Gen Z was born between 1997-2012 (age 10-25).

  • The social network in the USA with the most monthly Gen Z users is Snapchat (44.5 million) 2nd TikTok (37.3 million).

  • 97% of Gen Z consumers say social media platforms are their top source of shopping inspiration.

  • Gen Zs have a purchasing power of over $1 trillion.

  • Zoomers are the most active on social media. Nearly two-thirds, 64%, use social media several times a day. 

  • Gen Z's attention Span is roughly 8 seconds.

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