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Surprisingly Simple Way To Come Up With New Video Content Ideas

Are you new to social media platforms and new to analyzing social media content ideas? Are you out of ideas to create something brilliant for the users? Do you want to make your video content creation process faster than to be consistent on your video publishing channels?

If yes! Then you have landed in the right place. Here, I will discuss surprisingly simple ways to prepare a list of interactive social media posts or video content ideas in no time.

Video platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Periscope are the most significant time spending platforms. People lose their time track because it is very addictive and highly entertaining. The studies show that 78% of people watch videos online per week and 55% every day.

When individuals visit either platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, they keep scrolling through the non-ending videos. Due to reaching exciting content with a scroll, people get addicted and unknowingly spend from 5 minutes to 1 hour on the platform.

Today's Snapchat Spotlight, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikTok videos are in trend. Today, videos are doing well on social platforms, and it carries a potential for interaction and engagement, and share creative business ideas. Videos are one of the best virtual tools for marketing.

If you are on the side of creating video content, you have to develop creative ideas to perform well every time. There is no secret formula to promote your brand or make a sensation, and you have to be creative and provide authentic and interactive content to hold your audience.

Let's get started with how to get surprisingly simple ways for video content ideas so that you won't end up with a limited topic to record!

Best 8 Ultimately Simple Social Media Video Content Ideas

1] Big Announcement

Before publishing your content on the platform, you must share something relatable to content in short. You can announce your upcoming video by making a short video with highlights. The short video should be shared on your social platform handle, which you think can grasp enough viewers.

2] Share Reviews

Your review video can be on any topic like a new book, new series on Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Additionally, the product you are using or service, which you think will help your viewers.

When you share your experience, perception, and ideas, it helps others interested in it. Such videos influence their purchasing decision.

For example, if you bought a cosmetic product, share your experience and the pros and cons compared to other products you have ever used.

You can also share the recently watched Netflix series or Avenger movie and talk about the concept. It will relate to viewers who have watched, giving many viewers. This option is creative as it draws the attention of an interested audience who has watched the content or used the product.

3] Parody Must Be Produced

You're set if you are cunning enough to develop a popular music video or movie clip with a change. Audiences love it if you come with a twist on new, hot, and relevant topics. When a Spiderman movie is released, you are coming with a spoof on it, and your video will hit the floor. If you are going with these social media video content ideas, act quickly; otherwise, it will be out of trend.

4] Videos On Storytelling

Consumers always want to know something new and unique, and they are more interested in the content creator's personal life. All you can do is share your personal story on YouTube, Snapchat, or any other social media platform as an interactive social media post.

You can share a story about how your product has provided the solution to the problems in your lives. Create the content on surgery if you have undergone it, the college you choose with how and why. You can go with a story they empathize with and identify you. You can create a documentary on your teenage fun or any relevant topic from your life that you think will connect.

5] Live Q&A Session

Go Live and address the frequently asked questions on a topic by your viewers or even on Google. You can also encourage your audience to type their question on the live chat to answer immediately.

This live Q&A session is one of the best video content ideas that work. You can share a hyperlink on all your social handles, and you should make a live Q&A session at least once a month.

6] Videos On Sports And Fitness

During Covid-19, all the gyms and sports centers were shut down. There was a rise in the Sports and Fitness channel in that period. You can easily create content on sports, yoga, diet, or fitness, and this topic is evergreen and the need for mass viewers.

Everyone wants to be physically fit and healthy, and several people cannot go to the gym. Here, your fitness video will guide them. Create the content on burning fat, quickly reducing your weight at home, homemade remedies to stay fit and healthy, etc.

7] Video On A Customer Testimonial

Analyze your customer quotations and take out customer feedback. After that, produce a quick interview on that. This is not only engaging but also a first-hand testimonial that is innovative, personable, and relatable.

8] Advice And Tips Videos

These are types of content that are usually filmed with one person. Tips and advice videos are generally recommendations or insights. While shooting such videos, the person is talking to the camera. It helps consumers' lives, personally, professionally, or in business.

For example, the article you are reading can be adapted in an audio-visual mode. Here, I will be in the video, talking about the tips and generating social media post ideas. It would be in a more presentable form that is impressive and easier to understand.

While recording such videos, you must analyze what tips would be convenient for your viewers to make life easier.

Finally, never publish a video without going through the editing part. While editing, you can remove the unwanted clip or content from your recordings and add the animation, sounds, and other effects to deliver a highly professional video to your viewers.

If you face any problem during the process, do not forget to remember to Edit Panda. We are always there to give a perfect look to your creativity and hard effort through video editing skills.

Wrap Up

These are the best social media ideas to think about and create your content without stressing your mind. You will find plenty of video content ideas in the digital universe and think about the ideas which will spark your audience and are relevant to your channel and brand.

The more genuine, innovative, and captivating your content are, the more viewers will like you. Implement these ways to create social media content.

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