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Why Is Video Editing Important To Your Business Success?

Content is the uncrowned king, and it will undoubtedly keep ruling for a long time. You should accept this approach because your company's success depends on it. Your business must have a presence online in this digital age where you create a website, join social media, and make yourself prominent.

And to be seen on the internet, you should have something to showcase for yourself: content. More specifically, there is a lot of video content. Textual blobs and drab stock pictures aren't going to cut it. That is why the video editing stage is considered necessary.

Nowadays, attention spans are short, so video content is highly demanded. According to TikTok, YouTube, and social network story features, videos generate higher interaction than web page conversions and photographs.

This article will teach about video editing basics and why video editing is essential. So, without wasting any more time, let's jump into the topic and start a journey from noob to a pro video editing expert with us.

Differences Between A Recorded & Edited Video

When you record an event or even the screen, it includes noise, unwanted footage, and other irritating stuff. Making such a raw file live will not impress your audience, and unfortunately, your video marketing campaign will fail to achieve the goal.

As a solution, the professional video content editor is required to tweak your recording with the art of adding some magic.

Major Activities Done by a Professional Video Editor

  • Cut the unwanted sections.

  • Trim the long videos to use as promotional content.

  • Merge multiple files to make a meaningful video.

  • Add the best background and foreground sounds.

  • Highlight the key points in catchy text style.

  • Add some infographics or images to enhance the recordings.

  • Adding a call to action (CTA).

  • Embed missing data wherever needed.

  • Turn simple recordings into HD video.

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Why Is Video Editing Important For Your Online Presence?

Video content plays a vital role in any marketing strategy, and your organization's reach is determined by the material/ information you distribute. It's a challenging endeavor for any company, big or little, and video creation necessitates considerable technical know-how and planning.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be Steven Spielberg (best in the video editing field) or have an enormous budget like Coca-Cola. The good news is that even in the editing room, movie magic happens.

So, even if you can't plan a high-quality professional video shoot. You can make high-quality video material for your company with the correct editing procedures. A single video can do wonders and make you know why video editing is powerful!

To give a practical idea, I would like to share our case study where we have done fantastic video editing work for RapTV. And now, they are consistently getting new subscribers every day on Snapchat.

Here is the detail you can go through to see the power of video editing: Case Study: RapTV Success on Snapchat (

You have now understood the importance and requirements of Video Editing. The next biggest question is, how to do it? What are the styles to follow? Is it true that video editing is complex?

Worry not; you will do everything, be with us till the end!

What Should Be Your Video Editing Styles?

To start, select a video editing style that complements your company's tone. While larger organizations can afford to hire a fancy crew to handle their videos, smaller businesses should shoot in the form of a vlog before going to the editing room. And further, they should follow brand guidelines in editing to make their video content consistent throughout the online presence.

The videos don't have to be overly promotional; they don't have to be loud or aggressive. It should be exciting and engaging enough so that audiences respond to it rather than ignoring it as a commercial. Viewers who find your digital content will be planted by a warm call to action and intelligent editing.

Let's understand this with an example.

Recently, Old Navy launched a series of covert promotional TikTok videos. These videos have been edited in the TikTok fashion, including quick and rewinding edits. The business also employed some in-app filters and used the same aspect ratio as a TikTok video. They did all this, so it looks exactly like the one you'd see while browsing through the app.

The ads don't appear to be aggressive advertisements; instead, they seem to have innovative content.

People loved that idea, and the sales were boosted multiple times just by that simple effort. That's the magic, and that's why video editing is necessary!

How To Produce Effective Videos Content For Your Business?

Even if you don't sell products, your content should be relevant and styled to fit your platform. Consider your targeted demographic and conduct some marketing research to learn more about the kind of content your customers seek. To naturally attract their attention, mimic the editing approach of their favored material with the help of video editing professionals.

Please remember that commercials are just one way to show video content. Many businesses, including yours, provide original material on their Facebook, YouTube, and other social media accounts. In reality, because the internet is the epicenter of content consumption, using the web to host your edited videos is the ideal approach to reach potential clients.

Let's consider these examples for better understanding.

Short video ads with rapid cuts, loads of color, and a wacky flair were included in the latest campaign for Michael's, a crafting supply company. Based on the film's editing style, someone unaware of the company would have a good understanding of what they offer.

On the other hand, the New York Times mounted an ad campaign promoting its new recent documentary on social concerns. These videos were broadcast in black and white with minimum enhancement. Still, these stylistic decisions enhanced the program's tone and power.

Quality Video Editing Guide Recommendations By Editpanda Team

While each video ad is unique, the best ones all have one thing in common: excellent editing. The photos tell the tale, but the cuts keep the film moving at a pace that suits the product or service being promoted. Edits can help bring out powerful emotions and reactions and improve comic timing.

Clean edits lean into one other, meaning that one shot flows into the next without being noticed by the audience. The majority of videos are well-cut and appealing to the audience. On the other hand, sloppy edits are distracting and might make viewers feel uneasy.

Apple, DoorDash, and UPS are among the companies crafting elegant, free-flowing ads that are propelled by rhythmic edits and demand the attention of viewers.

DoorDash is now running a video ad that incorporates multimedia and elements from spoken word poetry across different platforms. Anime-styled visual effects are placed on colorful footage of delicious cuisine. The cuts are quick and rhythmic, and they're put to the beat of a freestyle poem about the delectable treats. It's appealing and enjoyable. The film ends with the DoorDash logo, which is sufficient to convey the point.

In your video content, soundtrack editing is also crucial. Sound effects, music, dialogue, and even silence can capture the interest of someone who was previously uninterested. While editing, consider the colors, sounds, rhythm, and message.

And if you find any difficulties in producing the finely edited videos for your audience, feel free to get guidelines from EditPanda. It would be our pleasure to be a part of building your brand value in the market.

Closing Thoughts

The manner you edit your movies will impact total client engagement, so make sure it matches your company's branding and goals.

Your information must always be clear, engaging, and timely; otherwise, you will end up scratching your head to find the answer; to why video editing is complex.

It should accurately communicate your brand's purpose and function and the items or services you provide.

Attractive, well-edited videos will raise brand awareness and draw viewers who might otherwise scroll by. If you can get someone's attention, a single button could lead them to your company's homepage.

Multimedia's power should not be underestimated. You can entice your customers and increase conversions with a high-quality video editing service.


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