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The Easiest Way To Diversify Your Current Content To Other Platforms

The world is researching to find innovative ways to recycle the products, then why don't you! RECYCLE, in content marketing?

Got confused!

Voilà! Please don't be!

Recycling is an approach to re-use the existing material to turn it into modernness. In the same way, you can recycle or adapt content to market your brand and services.

We know you have invested an enormous amount in hiring creative minds to curate various content for your firm. Now, either it holds old info and needs editing, or you want to generate new possibilities to repurpose content.

So, here, we have come up with some ultimate ways to diversify content. Whether you have published text-based or video-oriented content, this guide will help you adapt current content to other platforms with an intelligent approach and no or low investment.

This professional guide will help you re-sharing the current content across YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, blog, and other popular platforms that account for considerable traffic every day.

6 Quick Benefits Of Resharing Your Content

1] Follow The Purpose Of Diversification

The thumb rule of online marketing is to make your presence across the internet. The more you are visible, the more customers, followers, or sales (based on your goal) you achieve. By diversifying your blog or video content, you approach new users every day.

2] You Are Free To Share Copyrighted Content

Popular video streaming sites like Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, etc., excluding YouTube, allows you to share copyrighted content with no red flag. You can adapt content to recreate and share your videos with a touch of freemium music, infographics, and other stuff.

3] Saves Money In Creating New Content

If you have already shared various information on different platforms, you can now diversify content with the current information. Following the DIY (Do-it-yourself) content creation

technique, you won't need to hire new content creators, saving you a considerable amount.

4] Repurpose Content Means New Opportunity

By representing the current content most appealingly, you generate new opportunities to get more viewers or readers.

And re-using the content is not a challenging task; instead, you need a creative mindset.

For instance, you can turn your blog content into podcasts, the critical points in an infographic, and the lengthy video content into shorts. And then, grab new users from different platforms by sharing your content on the relevant media.

5] Boost Subscribers

Resharing the old info can attract new viewers to land on your official page, your YouTube channel, website blog, Twitter handler, or anything else. Adapting current content to other platforms can increase your number of followers or subscribers in less time.

6] Remarket Your Product Or Service

Re-using or diversifying your content through different websites will re-target the existing users or customers without any investment. In other words, you can present the same information in new ways to let the users remember you again.

5 Easiest Ways To Diversify Content | Reshare Existing Content

1] Turn Your Video To An Article & Vice Versa

If you are running a YouTube channel or have joined another video streaming platform, you can type those content in text and then reshare it on your website blog section. Same way, if you are running a blog and YouTube as well, but cannot produce fresh content, then go for video creation. And if it seems a challenging task to you, contact a professional video editor to convey your blog information with visuals.

2] Publish The Podcast

Several tools and graphic software allows you to merge or separate video and audio part from a multimedia file. So, the idea is to turn your current video or published article into an audio file. Further, you can reshare the info differently on podcasting websites.

3] Infographic

The infographic is a combination of information with images. The simple idea is to take some screenshots of your videos and modify them. You can also choose a relevant image from your blog article and highlight some key points to convert it into a catchy infographic.

Further, you can share it on social media, What's App, and other platforms.

4] Make Short Videos

Within a few seconds, short videos convey the main message to the viewers. Mostly, the brands and influencers opt for shorts to announce their upcoming event or videos. And sometimes, it is easy to trim your long video into several short videos to share with your followers.

So, you can trim the highlights or critical points conveyed in your complete video. And then diversify it to TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat Spotlight, and other platforms to get more watch time.

5] Create Video Testimonials

Probably, you must have gone through the appraisal from your clients. And that might be published on your website or YouTube. So, here, you get another chance to share their reviews with your fan's following.

You can make a pretty lovely presentation compiling their message, photograph, and case studies. And then convert this info into an MP4 or video format for easily sharing on the other platforms.

This way, on one side, you will build a reputation among the viewers, and on another side, you will increase the chances of making more connections.

What Else?

We have highlighted only little tricks to diversify your current content to other platforms quickly. Several other ideas are there to think with a creative mind to reach more audiences and potential customers for your business in no time.

For instance, you can utilize user-generated content that comments received on your video channel or website. And then compile and convert it into a form of Slideshare, pdf, or video to share across the social media platform.

You can pick some essential points from your book to market it on various platforms if you are an author. Similarly, you can prepare another piece of your current content and submit it as a guest post.

If you plan to adapt content to other platforms, various free and premium tools like Hootsuite, IFTTT, etc., join your hand to make the process hassle-free. You can schedule and link one activity to another using such an application, and it means you can command the software to take action according to your custom sets of rules. E.g., once you post a video on YouTube, you can automate the process to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Wrap Up

I hope you have got enough ideas and ways to diversify content in the form of videos, articles, podcasts, and other content. So, gather the old and valuable content you have created so far. And then find innovative ways to re-use it.

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