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5 Best Practices to Create an Engaging Video Content on Social Media Platforms

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Is your social media content not performing well?

Aren’t you getting enough watch time and reach on your videos?

Are your Social media videos content unable to engage and hold the audience?

If your answer is YES, then there is no need to worry about creating the most engaging social media posts. Just keep on reading to learn the best social media content strategy. Also, get to know how you can increase organic viewers to your video and higher engagement rate!

Videos have a significant impact on the audiences and last longer. If viewers like your visual content, surely you will get organic followers.

Nowadays, videos are becoming popular on social media, particularly on mobile. In this new era of technology, where each social platform has developed a new video feature to keep users stuck, you also need to upgrade yourself and make such engaging content.

The reports state that the number of mobile users has increased worldwide over time, and people are more active on social platforms. The data says that Facebook live has increased by 4X and Instagram videos by 80% in recent years.

Sounds easier? Right!

But creating content for social media is not an easy job, and it requires a creative mind, dedication, essential equipment, and a lot more things.

Here, I will let you know what a good content video is and how you can achieve massive engagement on your Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or even Twitter!

What is Social Media Content?

Social Media Content is the information and emotion you publish on social platforms and share with your friends. It can be anything like text updates, graphics, videos, links, etc. We can share personal and professional details to increase the connections in the virtual world.

5 Best Ways To Create Engaging Social Media Video Content

Social media video content is rapidly becoming a meaningful way to grow your community and share your story. Social media is the favorite place for individuals and business owners to share their creativity and services with a massive audience base.

The video content may vary depending on your working profile or interest, and it may contain Inspirational or Motivational stuff, Interactive info, Educational or Branding content.

But the prime goal is to get more numbers of subscribers and followers on different platforms. This goal can be achieved only after being the expert in influencing the people through your creative content productions.

Let’s get started with the ultimate ways to create engaging video content for your social media networks.

1] Analyze the Pain Point

As a company or individual, you must think from the user’s perspective, and you should look at the things from the viewer’s eyeglasses. Avoid making assumptions and send survey mail to your potential customers and ask about their struggles.

Once you follow the steps, you will develop enough ideas to create engaging video content based on their common responses.

If you aren’t receiving any feedback, you can convince them through a gift voucher or free stuff. Making the content based on their problems will help you in business.

So, discover the user’s pain points, create content accordingly and keep promoting your product or services on social media sites.

2] Social Proof Videos

In Social Proof engaging video, you can include customer feedback and product reviews or video collaboration with brand ambassadors. You can also publish user-generated video content from Snapchat, Facebook, or other platforms.

These social media video content will help you build a rapport, and the content will lead to influence customer decisions.

You can also share users’ videos on your platforms to boost social proof as customers are already raving about your products.

3] Adopt Virtual Reality & 360-degree Videos

VR content might be entirely new for most users to explore. With Virtual reality videos, audiences can scroll around and see the content from every angle.

They will experience as if they are standing within the video content. It will be the same as Google gives experience to its users when some see the Taj Mahal picture in a 360-degree view.

Another side, Virtual Reality is in demand due to giving the experience like you are physically watching the show.

To create the most engaging social media posts, VR would be the easiest option if you want to explain the step-by-step guide for your product. Also, you can demonstrate the practical ways of solving something through VR.

4] Greet And Interact With Individual

You can increase engagement in your videos by interacting with individuals. It would help if you often connected to your viewers to make them feel precious.

Show your face on the video to build trust in the content that will help you create the brand and create a strong bonding with your viewers.

You can also add a call-to-action at the end of the video screen.

Take this chance to enhance your channels or business or other video recommendations to keep your viewers engaged for a longer duration. It will encourage them to take some action, and you can manipulate them well to visit your site or application to take further action.

5] Go a step ahead with animation

Animation makes complex topics easier to understand. If your video content has the touch of flash and catchy motions, it will keep viewers stuck to the last of the video screen. Animation induces emotions that affect the viewers, and it makes your content livelier towards viewers and appealing to them.

After recording the video and adding all the essential elements, the video content is yet not ready to be published. So, all you need to polish it with the magic of animation.

Hiring an expert can give your social media video content a professional touch and give it an enhanced look.

Edit Panda is known as the best video editor online. They have proven the highest engagement rate with clients by professionally executing their social media content strategy.

If you need any help in enriching your video content to increase the ROI (Return on Investment) and engagement rate, feel free to talk with the skilled team of Edit Panda.


Social media videos have a great potential to drive the consumers, followers, and users toward your brand and the product. With these five best practices, you can boost your social media video content with less effort.

Apart from this, you should also measure and analyze the result of your video content. You can use some freemium tool like eClincher to monitor the performance of your brand campaign across all social media channels.


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