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How To Get To the Top of Snapchat Spotlight?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Spotlight is a dedicated section on Snapchat for promoting short videos. It is much similar to Tik Tok and Instagram, which allow you to make 60 seconds videos. Snapchat Spotlight works on the same algorithms followed by Tik Tok, which calculates watch time, like, and the number of shares to bring a profile on top of the result page. But there is a slight difference. Unlike Tik Tok, Spotlight on Snapchat does not provide a comment section, and the user's profiles are private by default.

Quick Features Of Spotlight

Spotlight comes with fascinating features like creating short videos with various special effects in-built into it. In addition, it is recommended to make only vertical videos with special effects and sound. The Snapchat spotlight feature also includes creative tools like captions, lenses, and GIFs to enhance your video. Still, photos, blurry snaps, and text-only snaps are not catchy on the platform unless you add music or songs from the sounds playlist.

As a user, you can create Snapchat Spotlight videos as you do with other social media apps, but you can't directly share them with friends. Instead, first, you will have to submit your Spotlight for verification. Then the team of the Spotlight will verify your video for quality checks and then publish it to your profile.

Keep in mind that no videos will be displayed in your Spotlight unless you follow the below-mentioned rules of Snapchat;

● No still photos.

● Horizontal videos.

● No blurry snaps or simple text.

These requirements must be fulfilled when you are creating a spotlight on Snapchat to make it live. Otherwise, your video will not get viral.

Snapchat Latest Statistics 2022

The Spotlight was launched in early 2020, and by now, it has shown massive growth in its field. Here are some of the statistics that show the success rate of Snapchat.

Daily Active Users Spotlight Snapchat

Spotlight has achieved over 125 million users in March of this year. 100 million users were actively connected in January 2022. About 70% growth was measured from January to March, and about 40% of video submissions were recorded in the same timeframe.

Snapchat Revenue

Snapchat generated $4.1 billion in revenue in 2021 and earned a profit of $0.4 billion from the previous year. They have spent $90 million on spotlight users so far and pay over $1 million to the top content creators in Spotlight per day. By now, Snaps has spent over $110 million after the launch of Spotlight.

The Number Of Snapchat Users

As we have discussed above, there are about 125 million users of Snapchat. And you will be surprised to know that with 115 million users, India is the largest user base in the world and still increasing. Second is America with 106 million users, France with 24.1 million, the United Kingdom with 20.1 million, and the last comes to Saudi Arabia, holding 19.7 million users worldwide.

Snapchat Popularity By Gender

Snapchat has recorded about 57.4% female users and 40.9% males around the world. The study says that 61% of the population uses Snapchat daily. Among them, 46% use the app several times a day, and about 15% use it once daily.

According to Snapchat, the users open the app 20 times on average. They usually spend 30 minutes per day and create 3 billion Snapchat spotlight videos daily. Though it's getting less attention from the users as compared to other platforms like Facebook, holding 74% of usage, and Instagram, with 63%, this platform is showing decent growth.

6 Quick Tricks To Trend On Snapchat Spotlight

1] Use Relevant Hashtags

Snapchat recommends adding as many relevant hashtags as possible related to your content. You can add up to 100 hashtags, but it is not a good habit to use an excessive amount. Moreover, don't add irrelevant hashtags, as your video can be rejected.

2] Record Only Vertical Videos

Don't forget that the time lap of videos is only 60 seconds. So, to grab quick attention to your creativity, record it vertically within the given spotlight time frame.

3] HD Videos in Demand

High-quality video with enough animation makes your journey easy to trend on Snapchat Spotlight. Contacting Video Editing Professionals would be helpful to decorate your creativity with relevant effects. The videos with a professional touch catch the eyeballs of random visitors in no time.

4] Don't Overdo The Trend

Don't make videos on the same topic that are being followed by thousands of different people on Snapchat. Here, your videos will not be displayed prominently in the Snapchat feed. So, have a variation in your collection with some creativity.

5] Use Native Snapchat Feature

The native Snapchat Spotlight feature adds text to your video that provides additional context to spot on top. So, you can use native features to highlight some key points in your creative content.

6] Never Give-Up

Snapchat monitors your consistency and the activities within your account. The Spotlight algorithm can increase the chance of ranking on top by seeing your dedication. So, always try to follow a schedule or calendar to upload Spotlight videos regularly on your profile.

How to Upload Snapchat Spotlight Videos?

If you want to create catchy spotlight videos, then follow the steps given below.

● Select the Spotlight Tab from the latest version of Snapchat.

● To upload the Spotlight on Snapchat from your gallery, first, you need to click on the camera button.

● Further, navigate Camera Roll and select the desired video you want to upload from your phone gallery.

● Add special effects and sounds if needed to make your video more attractive.

● Click on the "Send to" option displayed at the bottom right section of your screen.

● Here, you will get the option to add some information in text format; just fill the section.

● Now, tap on "#AddTopic" to set the hashtag suggested by Snapchat.

● Finally, click on the "Send" button highlighted at the bottom of the page.

How to Earn Money Through Snapchat Spotlight?

If you want to earn from the Spotlight? Then Snapchat gives you a feature to make money by uploading creative videos on Spotlight. Spotlight is new to the platform after Instagram reels, Youtube Shorts, and Tik Tok. So, to survive in the competition, the company is offering a huge amount to make videos on Spotlight. Snapchat pays $1 million per day to the users from its revenue. About 60K is paid for 10 seconds of videos, which sounds amazing.

If you want your video to get viral and earn well, you must follow the given criteria:

● Your minimum age should be 16.

● There should be at least one follower in your profile.

● Your content must be unique and recorded by the Snapchat camera only.

● You can also upload videos from your gallery, but there is a limitation. You can upload only one video in a day.

● The video should get viral as per the Snapchat guideline.

● Once your video gets viral, Snapchat will ask you to update your email and date of birth.

● After the confirmation, Snapchat will reward you with a specific amount.

It's very easy to get popular on Spotlight as it has minimum competition compared to other platforms. You can benefit as a first-mover as it is new in this field. And with the help of professionally edited videos, you can rank well and earn a huge amount in a short time.

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Snapchat is an American Multimedia Messaging app that provides services worldwide. It is loaded with amazing features to click and share perfect snaps. Recently the company added a Spotlight tab for creative users to create short videos in their app. Spotlight on Snapchat needs HD quality videos; otherwise, they will not be uploaded. Additionally, you can also upload animated videos to showcase your creativity. Overall, Spotlight is a superb addition by Snapchat and slowly getting popular worldwide.

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