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The Fastest Way To Start Creating Video Content For Your Business

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Are you deficient in content? Unable to generate new ideas for your video content? Is your business not performing well? If yes! You have landed at the right place where I will let you know the fastest ways to create video content for your business & brand.

Visuals have an impact on the success of promotional campaigns and marketing efforts. Video contents are the most powerful medium for storytelling. Video has grown over recent years, which has opened various content options. Today audiences are searching for variety, and the publishers provide accordingly to stand out from the crowd.

Videos are an effective way to connect with viewers, and it helps build more satisfactorily and deeper relationships. It is also an asset to improving conversion rates for your business.

Statistics That Prove Video Content Is Essential For Your Business –

  • 80% of all consumer traffic is due to video content, 2019 reports state.

  • 1200% more shares are generated by social media videos than images and text combined.

  • 87% of online marketers use video content.

  • Number of mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year.

  • Conversion rates increase up to 80%.

  • Consumers who watch the video are 64% likely to buy the product.

Video content helps increase your business's engagement and increase your ROI (Return on Investment).

Top 5 Fastest Ways To Create Video Content For Your Business

1 Google Keywords Planner Tools

It is a free online keyword research instrument. Google keyword planner uses Google autocomplete algorithm to generate plenty of relevant keywords for any topic.

Search for Google Keywords Planner in Google and sign in to it to start the process. After signup, you will have to fetch the required details.

Suppose you are looking for a professional video editor, then it will display the keywords which have been searched for the maximum time. It will also give the data on how frequently those keywords are used.

The free Google Keyword Planner will help you generate new ideas for your content. You can shortlist the best keywords based on their search volume, competition analysis, and relevancy.

You can also apply filters like duration, location, etc., to get more accessible and relevant keywords to prepare topics for your video creation.

Using the well-researched keywords in your video description, title, and hashtags enhances the reach on video search platforms.

2 Use Google Trends

Google trend is the website that examines the popularity of top search queries in the Google Search engine across various regions and languages. It uses graphs to compare the search volume of various queries over time.

After getting the keywords from the Google keywords planner, you can check them in Google trends. You can examine how they are performing and whether those keywords have the maximum search volume or not.

Suppose you own a business and want to create content for your product or service. Here is how Google trends will help you generate new ideas for your content. You have to fill in the keywords relevant to your business or product, and a graph will display the data and search volume on your screen.

From this graph, you can figure out which keywords are in demand nowadays; which keywords have been stable for a long time. Also, you can see the up and down graph of the topic trends. If the graph shows the stability, you can go with it without fear of losing effort.

Google Trends allows you to go for deep research keywords, and you will get a relevant topic in the categories you are looking for. Using the available filter for time, location, search platforms, etc., you will get a clear idea about the keyword trend.

Analyzing the demanded region and interest will enable you to strategize when to promote your product and publish your content to have a better reach.

You can schedule your video content accordingly, and it will help you focus on your content depending on the trending seasonal keywords.

3 Use Google Search Box

Google Search Engine is the prime platform you start with to find anything online. But did you know it can help you generate trendy topics for your following video content?

Well! If you are wondering how to, let me describe how to leverage its benefits for your video content creation in simple ways.

Go to and start typing something related to your business or the topic in your plan to work on.

As soon as you start typing, it will give some recommendations from the trending topics on Google. You can use the down arrow key to select the desired list. These are the highly-searched queries by the users in recent times.

You need to gather all the autofill responses and make a spreadsheet. After doing this, you will have plenty of keywords stored, and you can create content around these results.

This method is one of the best practical ways to generate ideas for your content. And following the process, you can expect a good response from Google.

4 Go for Spying Tool

Several freemium tools are available online, where you can track the flow of your competitors.

You can analyze all kinds of ideas they are following to increase the views on their video platform. You can see their well-performing content as well to get some motivation.

5 Scheduling Your Video Content

To succeed in your business through video content, you must work in an organized way and use the right tools. Like you can go for social media calendar and schedule your posts accordingly. The proper schedule will keep the workload manageable and help it grow consistently.

To automate the process and never miss updating your video profile, you should start by preparing the list of topics followed by different techniques.

You can spy on your competitor, invest in some freemium tools, see the past performance of videos, and come up with new and creative ideas for recording the videos. After that, spend your time consecutively recording the videos according to your post calendar.

Once you are ready with a few videos, you should hire a professional to edit them, and it will save you time to focus on the next recording. And finally, start scheduling it as per your calendar to keep publishing new content on time.

For your convenience, Edit Panda is here with all the professional skills to give a catchy look to your simple videos. Connect now to smoothen your editing work without getting worried.

What are the Quick Ideas To Create Video Content?

  • You can create a testimonial that will help to boost the audience's trust in your brand.

  • You can create content behind the scenes to give the audience insight into your company. It will improve trust, engagement, and loyalty.

  • If you are going to launch a new product, create video content based on the product reveal—for example, a trailer before a movie.

  • If you are working in the manufacturing industry, making a product video will build trust with your consumers.


It takes a lot of research and creative ideas to develop new content that will hit the business growth. A proper plan, post calendar, with a bit of creativity, and some intelligent decisions like when to post and when to announce gives great success in video promotion.

I have mentioned the details in the article to enrich your content and grow your business.

Implement these ideas and see the results. A company/ business can quickly gain success from its potential to share engaging stories, and it will manipulate the audience to take action.


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