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5 Proven Tips to Improve Your Video Content on Social Media

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Are your videos not getting enough reach? Are your videos lacking somewhere in appealing to audiences? Aren’t your Video Content as tempting as competitors? Are you searching for how to create video content that will give you massive subscribers?

If yes! Here, you have landed at the right place where you will get information related to the queries you were searching for.

In the current decade, videos are the most powerful medium to convey a message to a broad audience. It has a visual effect on an individual that psychologically hits. We capture our surrounding and ourselves to gain the social media audience’s attention. Social media is the platform where videos create a practical, mesmerizing experience that adds up new followers. It also boosts rapport with your existing audience.

Videos have a significant impact, and it is not easy to create. Creating a good video, and having appealing content, needs proper planning and execution.

Video Marketing Statistics

Social Media video is a most versatile type of content which can be used for exposure. The static states that after 2019, every platform has come up with a new feature. Some companies state that they have gained a new customer through these social media video features.

· 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. Out of these, 90% follow at least one business account. The 50% are interested in the brands which are shown in ads.

· 93 out of 100 brands have acquired a new customer from social media.

· 25% of Marketers out of 100 planned to use Tik Tok as an advertising channel in 2021.

Currently, seven major social media platforms provide different video lengths to post. Those are:

1. Snapchat Spotlight: 60 Second

2. TikTok: 15 to 60 Second

3. Instagram Stories: 15 Second and Instagram feed video: 30 Second

4. Youtube: 15 to 60 Second

5. Twitter: 45 Second

6. LinkedIn: 15 to 30 Second

7. Facebook feed video: 15 to 90 Seconds.

Here, I will be discussing the 5 proven tips to Improve video content on social media. Meanwhile, let us give you a glimpse of the effectiveness of Video Content Marketing.

What Is Video Content?

Video content is any content format that includes video. Its common forms are animated GIFs, live videos, vlogs, customer testimonials, webinars, and recorded presentations. Today, your content can be classified into four types that are –


It is a short form of video that will disappear twenty-four hours after the video is published. The first platform to feature this form was Snapchat in 2013. Over the years, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have all come with this. Stories are a great format to drive the audience with a better engagement in a brief period.

Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos became in trend when TikTok was launched, providing a platform to publish 15 – 60 second long videos. After this, Instagram came up with this feature. This form of video content always runs for under ten minutes. It is a perfect format for short and creative storytelling and primarily works for tutorials and explainer videos.

Long-Form Videos

It is a form of social media video where it offers to publish a long video on any topic. Long-form videos can run up to thirty minutes. This form is ideal for long storytelling or content like documentaries, online courses, webinars, and Q&A sessions. YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are providing a platform for long videos. Instagram also provides an option too, i.e., IGTV.

Live Streams

Live Streams is a real-time video and unedited, and the content is published immediately without any editing work. Live streaming needs thorough planning as there is no option to edit it. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn currently provide the facility.

Top 5 Proven Tips To Improve Video Content

First, you have to analyze and repurpose your content that resonates with your audience. Take a glimpse of the analytics and what it depicts. Find out the video resonated most with an audience in the past month. Work accordingly with an ideation strategy.

1] Prepare A Script, Or A Hear Touching Storyline

Before starting to shoot a video, you must do some homework. Without groundwork, it is not possible to make an impressive video. All you need to script down is powerful and grasping content that will engross the audience.

Preparing the script earlier helps you to save time in the shooting phase. You will work according to planned scenes which will also reduce confusion.

2] Make Sure To Count The First Five Seconds

A phrase states, "First Impression is the last impression." A similar phrase is followed in creating a video. Impressions of your video will determine the audience stuck to your message. The static states that you have only 2 to 8 seconds to impact the audience.

The Right Thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video will be the still shot from any scene, which will be displayed on a feed before a video starts up. You have to choose an apt thumbnail that must be eye-catching to the audience.

Here are a few examples that you can follow up on. You can use a finished product photo if it is a recipe video. In a travel vlog, a snap of a beautiful location.

A Strong Hook in the beginning

You must have that quality in your video, which impacts the audience for the first three minutes. It is termed a hook. You must have the content which makes sure that the audience sticks to it. If your content gains attention for the first three seconds, your video is worth watching. There are two ways to achieve this goal.

You can edit your video and bring the vital part first for a glimpse which will appear later in the video.

You must address the audience as ‘You,’ which will sound more conversational in voice-over, giving your audience a feel that you are more focused on them.

I suggest you immediately flash your name, brand elements, question, sentence, or call-to-action at the front of the video. You can craft a message to grab the viewer’s attention immediately.

3] Avoid Creating Videos Just For 'Sales.'

Nowadays, the audience wants video content filled with lots of information. Your video must educate your audience on the subjects like education, knowledge, and entertainment.

Today, the maximum numbers of consumers want to get with the brands. They want to buy from a deeper level. They give attention to brand-related videos to determine whether your values and mission align with their beliefs or not.

The number of audiences searches for content that will help them in their daily lives. They are attracted to entertaining formats like branded social media videos.

You must ensure that your video should have varieties to target different audiences and needs.

4] Storytelling Reflects Your Brand

It would be best to sync your brand in the story to connect to the audience directly. Take the time to plump out the characters or scenarios to target the audience care about. Your brand is a live character that convinces the audience to listen and remember the name. Your story must be appealing to the audience, which creates an impact.

5] Your Videos Must Be Optimized For Different Mediums

The platforms available today have their algorithm and specs that a content creator must follow for optimal content performance.

It is time-consuming work if you are manually creating new video files from zero for each platform. I will recommend you use professional tools to edit your video. You can also make a typical clip for the introduction and sign off-screen. This way, your brand will be synced in each video, and you can easily embed and save enough time in regular editing.

Also, hiring a professional video editor is always a wise choice to get faster results and increase subscribers in less time.

Need Help in Video Editing?

Reach us right away to get more ideas to improve your presence on major social media platforms. Also, we will help you with professionally edited videos on a pocket-friendly budget.

Wrap Up

If you follow those mentioned above top 5 proven tips to improve video content, you will get maximum reach. In addition, you must also look after the audio selection and evaluate analytics. You must always try to create unique content and deliver it according to the needs of the viewers. Finally, a professional-looking video with an excellent storyline wins the game.


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