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The Easiest Way To Explain and Sell Your Services Using Animated Video

Visuals are the most powerful source to communicate with people, and it gets easier to explain things that are not possible with words. Though Videos play a significant role in interacting with the masses, there are limitations. Videos with real components get tougher to present and beyond the imagination. So, to counter this issue, animated explainers videos are used to elaborate on the points.

Many companies are using animated videos to sell their services. But what are animated videos, and how are they created? How are these videos helping boost the revenue of companies like Fintech industries?

Did you want to know? Keep on reading to get the right answer!

What Are Animated Videos?

Animated videos are the graphical representation of the sequence of drawings, illustrations, and computer-generated effects integrated to form a live-action video. It doesn't require any live recording to convey the story, and cartoons are the best animation example.

Do you know how cartoons are generated? A few decades ago, the collection of pictures was used in a sequence in such a way that seemed to be moving. But the scenario has changed as today's software allows you to animate with the help of computer-generated effects. This technique works on the same principle; the only difference is it turned digital.

The time has changed, and this technique is not only for entertainment purposes. Instead, many giant tech companies use animated videos for marketing their services, and it is the most effective and efficient way to explain the motive to their customers.

So, how many types of animated videos are being used now? Among them, which is the easiest way to advertise?

And here is the answer!

Types Of Animated Videos Used In The Service Sector

Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer videos are the most popular marketing practice used by various industries. It usually contains short videos of 30 to 90 seconds explaining the brand and how it can help the customers. Explainer videos transfer detailed information creatively and efficiently.

In short videos, you can convey the message everywhere on the web and mobile. It can be deployed through social media content, email marketing, websites, and even mobile apps.

Animated Tutorial videos

Imagine customers are buying your product, and they are happy to have it. But they don't know how to use it efficiently. But explaining them in words can be tedious and frustrating. You can provide them with animated tutorial videos to educate them about your product landing page and how to operate.

Product Demo videos

It is pretty similar to a tutorial video with a slight difference. They showcase the product functionality without mentioning detailed instructions.

It is a Demo Video that demonstrates the product's features, functions, and distinct advantages. It explains the worth of products, how they are different from others, and how customers' problems can be solved.

Among these practices, Animate Explainer videos are the easiest and most efficient way to explain the services, as these can be leveraged easily on the web. Due to this facility, companies can approach new customers and quickly sell their services.

Let's discuss how you can target the audience using the features of animation.

How Animated Explainer Videos Help Fintech And IT Businesses?

Finance is a complicated subject that is still out of the box for ordinary people to understand. The same thing happens with the IT sector, which is still not easy to understand the technical terms for everyone. Here, Explainer videos help to understand the technicality and functionality of the product quickly.

It helps to empower the brand and also helps to increase customer engagement, build loyalty, and grow a user base.

To create these videos, the explainer video production company provides a solution to narrate your story in moving graphics. Moreover, they have animated video production teams to assist you in making the correct videos that are suitable for the business.

If you are looking for a reliable and out-of-the-box creative artist, then Edit Panda is a one-stop solution for you!

Benefits Of Animated Explainer Videos

Demonstrate The Technology in the simplest way

Fintech companies have shifted their financial business online. So, it's not easy to explain to each person face-to-face. Here, Explainer Videos efficiently connect with the customers and demonstrate the technology briefly that is digestible.

Explainer Video Production has become an easy task due to the introduction of professionals. Also, the animated videos can be effortlessly shared on websites and social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., to make your brand memorable.

Delivers an easy pitch to sell the product

Through animation, people can easily understand the message delivered by the company. The customers need no effort in the IT technical terms as they can see it in action. Increasing in popularity, the demand for explainer video production also increases and makes an excellent profit for the brands.

Build a future-oriented User Base

Fintech companies make everything available on your phone, making it easy to monitor your financial state. So, to operate efficiently, animated videos help train the company's existing customers and build a future-oriented user base.

Makes Easy to Understand Market Breach

As we have mentioned above, it's not easy to understand the IT sector's financial terms and new technologies. These explainer videos help understand the market breach and new technologies in the finance and software industry. This is possible only because of the vast animated video production with an informative tone.

Shows the Best Feature in a Smart way

The IT and Finance industry has a huge competition due to new technologies. So, it's necessary to deliver a brief explanation to the customers about the technology. Animated Explainer Video helps you connect with the customers faster than the companies who use written content on their websites or image posts on social media.

How To Get Animated Content for Your Brand?

Making a piece of animated videos takes hard effort. First, a professional understand your brand value, then they follow a strict guideline to convey the message impressively. To sync your brand with the message inside the video, a professional animation artist keep the minute details in mind.

If you want a hidden face behind the success of your video campaign, you need an experienced animator. And why hunt the talent anywhere else if Edit Panda is just a click away.

Yes! We can help you with superb storytelling, explainer videos, product demonstration, and many other things with the magic of flawless animation.


Animated videos play a significant role in marketing a product. The text or written content needs an effort to be digested by the customers, and sometimes it is frustrating to read and understand the steps. Videos need no effort to understand through visuals.

So, in this article, we have provided the best information on how animated explainer video marketing helps the service industry to sell its deal. We also came across how the animated video production increases with the high demand for these videos.

The information given above is delivered from the Edit Panda experts based on the success gained through several video management campaigns. And our deep analysis says that the animated video content will kill the content market soon.


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