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7 Ways To Successfully Promote Your Video Content

I know you are born with a creative mind and influence people with your stunning video content. Fortunately, you got the cutting-edge platforms like YouTube, ShareChat, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and significantly more to share your thoughts or business products. Perhaps, you have tried hard to publish and promote your video posts but still struggling to increase the number of viewers and followers.

Well! It's not too late. Because here, we have shared the best professional ways to successfully promote your video content and get enough views every day. This ultimate guide will help you increase views and subscribers on your YouTube Channel, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other major video-sharing platforms.

So, let's get started to reveal the ideas to promote your video content with fewer efforts.

How To Promote Your Video Content?

Before sharing the tips to promote your video posts, I consider that as a video creator or even if you have hired a professional video editor, you must follow the thumb rule, i.e., CONSISTENCY. Yes, following post-calendar increases your chances of getting higher views through rate in the long run.

Also, I am assuming that you are creating videos on well-researched and trending topics with enough length to engage the audience.

Now, let's see the video promotion ideas one by one. Here, I am creating the list of video promotion methods in descending order where the number one point will give you excellent results if followed correctly.

1 SEO Is The Evergreen Weapon

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a part of digital promotional activities that follows more than 100 rules to bring your site to Google, Yahoo, or other Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

But the technique isn't limited to working on websites only; instead, you can follow the SEO algorithm to rank your videos.

To organically promote your videos, you must do keyword research about your industry using the free Google Keyword planner tool. Also, you can use Google Trends and the search box to find the trending topics on the web.

Once it's done, you can create a post-calendar and plan a strategy to record the video accordingly. Finally, before publishing the video content, use the keywords in your title, descriptions, and other possible places to rank faster.

2 Social Media Sharing Holds A Huge Opportunity

You can cross-promote your video content on social media accounts. E.g., if you publish a video on YouTube, share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to update the users about your new post. Similarly, you can follow the steps and share the video link by creating groups on Facebook.

Likewise, you can share Snapchat videos on Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, FB, and vice versa.

3 Reach People In Their Inbox Through Emailers/ Newsletter

Custom Emailers or newsletter works well to promote your products or services. Same way, you can promote your video posts through email marketing by creating a customized template. You can even schedule or automate the activity to notify your users once you publish any video on your channel.

To initiate the process, first, you need to collect the email id of the subscribers, and it can be done by asking the people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Once you have many people on your email list, you can shoot the campaign with your latest video content to reach mass viewers in one go. It takes time to collect genuine email IDs, but it's one of the best methods if you are looking for how to promote your video content for free.

4 Embed Videos In Your Website Articles

You can also embed the newly published video URL to your blog articles if you are handling a website and video channels.

This activity will benefit you in two ways; one is your website bounce rate will be decreased because people will get enough engaging content to stay there. Another thing is, if your website is already receiving a good amount of traffic every day, you can move those traffic to your video contents just by showing the thumbnail straight to their eyes.

5 Collaborate With Likeminded Video Creators And Brands

If you want to promote your video posts for free, reach out to like-minded influencers on the same platform where you are publishing your video content. You can deal with them to share the channel or videos in return for some giveaway.

When finding a brand or video creator on the platform, don't make a common mistake; never reach a trendy brand or an individual who has just started the channel.

Go to the mediocre video influencers who are also in need of collaborating with similar kinds of people. This way, you can contact more and more people to promote your video content with no or less investment.

6 Run A Paid Advertising Campaign

Several platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Insta, LinkedIn, and others are offering the people to run their paid advertisements. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement is a quick option to get thousands of views in a day. Promoting your video posts through PPC campaigns will be cheaper comparatively the other ways of video promotion marketing.

7 Do Quora Answers

If you are a healer, problem solver, or running your business, you can join the Quora question answering platform. On Quora, you can shortlist the questions as per your skill and answer them in your free time.

You can write the informational answers to guide the people on the right path. If you manage a website and video profiles, then create a template to answer on Quora with a mixup of some test and video content.

E.g., you can find out five to ten questions at a time and then prepare the answers for them. You can write a few lines and then recommend your video to see the details. Else, you can record the answer in a video post and share the link on Quora.

Millions of people are visiting Quora every day from the world. If you use the platform intelligently, you can start massive traffic consistently.

How To Promote Your Video Content Within YouTube?

The video mentioned above promotion methods will also work well for YouTubers. So, it would be best if you tried those techniques. And here are some quick tips to promote your video content on YouTube.

These techniques will help the individual or small businesses who rely on YouTube as a sole platform to share their throughs and sell their products.

6 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos

1 Update Existing Videos: If you have already published too many videos on YouTube, pay attention to your library. Get some time to update the videos with Catchy Titles & impressive Thumbnails.

2 YT Push Notifications: Ask the visitors to click on the notification or bell icon at the beginning of the end screen of your Youtube video.

3 Leverage YouTube Shorts features: You can record a short video as a trailer to announce your upcoming videos.

4 Add links in YT descriptions: Cross-Link your YouTube videos in the description part with well-researched keywords and hashtags.

5 Do Youtube commenting: Browse the popular YouTube channels and find similar videos to your working niche. Now, shortlist a few of their most engaged YouTube video and write genuine comments along with your video URL.

6 Join the Youtube community: YouTube community allow you to showcase quick information or announcement for a few hours. You can put your video thumbnail or URL in the YouTube community to grab some views.

Hire Professionals For Video Editing

If you aren't getting good views due to a lack of impressiveness in your video content, it's tim e to seek a professional video editor to add some magic. A professional editing

company works to polish your effort with some moving effects. A pro touch to your recorded videos increases the chances of getting higher views and subscriptions in less time.

Don't believe me?

Reach us to get the proof of how to promote your video content with confidence!


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