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7 Steps To Adapt Your Current Content To Video To Other Platforms

You have to agree that the world is shifting to video content to grab information. Following the trend, content creators need to adapt content to other platforms in the form of videos to get more engagement. YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram provide a feature to upload exciting videos to showcase your brand and additional information.

Here, we will discuss how you can reuse your current content for the video and share it on other popular social media platforms. In addition, you will know the easiest way to turn your existing content into an impressive way with the help of a Professional Video Editor.

Why Adapt Content To Other Platforms In Video Format?

Our brains grab 90% of the information through visuals. This is why you can remember the movie's dialogues but can't member the Director of the film. Videos are a powerful source to manipulate your audience's brain and process the visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Many companies and even individual content creators use visual content to grab more and more audiences. And earlier, Youtube was the only platform to get engaged with a large audience. But now, there are several popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram that give complete freedom to promote your videos.

If you are a YouTuber and want to cross-promote your content to other platforms, here are the tips with benefits you could get.

How Repurpose Content Will Benefit Your Brand?

About 90% of the customers revealed that video content helps decide to buy any product. Videos are the fastest way to engage with the audience as it is easy to educate the people. In addition, it helps to recall your brand in the audience's mind in less time than a blog or readable text.

You can turn yourself into a brand with some basic touchup in the existing content. Ultimately the repurposed content will save you a considerable amount (as team expenses) and holds the potential to increase revenue.

Why Diversify Your Video Content?

Creating videos on a particular platform doesn't work well as you can reach the limited audience available there. So, you should join multiple social media platforms to increase the chance of getting a broad audience base.

But why use social media to promote your brand, followed by YouTube?

Well! Almost 4.62 billion people are using various social media platforms for entertainment. It is nearly 58.4% of the world's total population and still tends to increase. Facebook alone is holding approx. 2.9 million active users currently.

A vast population is engaged in social media, which is the best opportunity to drag them into your preferred channel. And if you are a Youtuber and want to increase traffic in your channel, then Snapchat, TikTok, etc., are the best places to get a huge audience.

Below are some tips on adapting current content to other platforms to diversify your presence.

Top 7 Ideas To Adapt Content To Other Platforms

Are you handling multiple video-sharing platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and so on? Does your mind go out of thought to maintain consistency on your social media handlers? Do you want to reuse your existing content to retain the audience base? Are you looking for quick ways to create new and engaging videos using your existing content?

If your answer is yes, we have shared mind-blowing ideas here to reuse or adapt content to other platforms to let your creativity reach a mass audience. The shared Repurpose content tips below will save you time and fill your video publishing calendar with endless content.

So, let’s try doing something new following simple but intelligent techniques.

1] Create & Share Short Videos On Multiple Platforms

Most YouTubers followed this technique to hold their viewers on the leading platform. They publish short videos in terms of reels, spotlight, etc., to build awareness of the channel.

Likewise, you can also trim your ling content and transform it into short videos to pull the eye of the viewers. In addition, the new viewers can notice your updates, and many share your videos if interested.

However, professional video editors are just a click away from outsourcing your hurdles if you feel like a time-consuming task.

You can consult Edit Panda to share your ideas with the hope of getting a perfect solution to grow your video channels in no time.

2] Turn Your Image Gallery To Animation

Other than YouTube, so many social media platforms facilitate the upload of creative videos even with your images. You can use animation software to make collages and turn your simple image library into engaging videography. But the problem is you can’t upload long videos as you can on YouTube.

So, the challenge in adapting content to other platforms is you have to create a short video with to-the-point information. You can shortlist some best moment pictures and merge them by applying some animation. This way, you can promote similar content in different ways by maintaining the consistency of your account.

3] Put Your Article’s Key Points In Short Videos

You can use your blogpost key points to generate animated videos and upload them to your official page. You can repurpose content and drag the audience to create more traffic to your website by executing this trick. You can create such cost-effective text-based videos using Microsoft PowerPoint and other various software available in the market for free.

4] Republished Content With A Catchy Thumbnails

Republishing the existing video with a bit of change can potentially stop the users' scrolling. You can share one content with a different thumbnail and titles on multiple video streaming platforms. You can create appropriate content followed by your brand's guidelines to fulfill the demand of your loving followers.

You can use a small section of your YouTube videos through various software available in the market. Else reach a professional video maker to develop engaging short videos.

5] Trim Your Long Webinars & Republish On Tiktok, Snapchat & Other Sites

If you run a channel containing long webinars, the small part of the whole video can be trimmed and published in short videos. You can share it on Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. You can use these videos as promotional content to excite the audience and pull the traffic to your official site or primary platform like YouTube.

6] Make A Video To Present Your Official Website

It's a brilliant idea to brand your business in no time. You can take several snapshots from your website based on the product or services. Further, go to Canva to create a .gif file impressively.

If it sounds complex, then the simple step is; to collect full-screen screenshots of your web pages, put them in a folder, and ask a skilled person to adapt this content to videos. Likewise, you will have a nice piece of video to brand your business without producing new content.

7] Transform Slideshow To MP4

If you used to keep giving presentations, you must have a collection of PPT or Slideshare files. These presentations can be turned into amazing video content with a touch of sound effects and some transition effects.

Further, you can share the curated video content on various social media platforms.

Let The Professionals Turn Your Content Into Attractive Ways

Creating short video content is not an easy task as it requires lots of skills. With enough time, one should know all the video-creating methods to make a perfect video.

To get rid of such difficulties, you must hire a professional for video trimming and creation to achieve satisfactory videos. Trimming a video needs an expert as the professional video editor only adds some magic to your authoritative content.

Wrap Up

People approach videos rather than text articles to understand things in a better way. There are so many content creators who adapt content to other platforms in the form of videos. To get more engagement, diverse lengths and formats of videos are used to meet the requirement of each social media platform.

So, to define your talent and convert your existing or current content to video, we have mentioned the best tricks above.

The bottom line is; No one is perfect at doing all the tasks alone but needs a helping hand to grow faster. If you want to create highly engaging videos but lack time, you can approach the professionals. They can make your work fast and easy. The only thing you have to do is focus on the content you are an expert in.


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